How to Write a Creative Artist Bio

Having an interesting story about you and your band is no doubt an important part of selling yourself to booking managers and for connecting more deeply with fans.  While I agree with most advice given on Sonicbids, this article by Lauren Gill on 5 Elements of a Unique, Attention-Getting Artist Story comes with a few caveats.  Here is her article plus my pointers and examples for using your unique story in your artist bio.

5 Tips to Craft Your Unique, Attention-Getting Story

First, if your story includes how you started playing music, it’d better be something truly unique and very impressive, like you were able to play Led Zeppelin’s entire discography at age 5.  But if you started on the bass when you were 12, moved onto guitar, then picked up some new instruments, I don’t care.  You and a billion other people started getting music lessons as a kid, or taught themselves to play at some point.  But if you insist on incorporating your musical background into your artist bio, do not do so in the introduction.  I’m most interested in hearing what’s hot about you RIGHT NOW.  You’ve got to capture your reader at the onset, and I personally find stories about how you got into music to be mundane.

My second gripe with her advice is that it may NOT be a good idea to say who you sound like.  If you’re supposed to be telling a unique story, than why are you going to say who else you sound like? That’s counterproductive.  Much better would be to tell the genres that you fall into but use creative descriptive words, perhaps ones you’ve coined. For example, the band Dilfopotamus describes themselves as “RootsLoop HookPop & Jamwave Whitehop”.

Here is how another band elaborated on their motley genre listing to make it more intriguing:

“Dirty Sanchez is a power trio from CT blending an eclectic mix of styles, from 90s guitar rock to bluegrass to jam/space rock, with intricate arrangements and a unique brand of obtuse and humorous lyrics, creating a high velocity soundscape that will melt your face.”

Your story and artist bio will be much more interesting if you use creative, unique descriptives rather than listing similar sounding bands.

Lauren Gill does give several ideas worthy of reflecting on, so please do check out her article to help get your juices flowing.

5 Tips to Craft Your Unique, Attention-Getting Story

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