10 More Connecticut Music Festivals

If you saw my blog about 6 Connecticut Music Festivals I went to in 2015, you already know about Glastonbury Apple Harvest, Podunk Bluegrass, Middletown Music, CT Farm & Folk, Connecticut Folk Festival and Fuse Fest.  Here are 10 more great music festivals in Connecticut that I hope to attend in 2016.

Arts & Ideas, New Haven (June) http://artidea.org/

Coastal River Roots ‘N Folk Festival, Clinton (September) 

Elm City Folk Festival, New Haven (April) https://www.facebook.com/elmcityfolkfestival

I Am Festival, New London (September) http://iamfest.org/

Locapalooza, Shelton (May) https://www.facebook.com/Locapalooza/

Meriden Daffodil Festival (April) http://daffodilfest.com/

Mineral Springs Foot Stomp’n Festival, Stafford Springs (July) http://www.mineralspringscampground.com/footstompnfestival.html

New England Acoustic Music Festival, Putnam (September) http://www.neamf.com/

Sailfest, New London (July) http://sailfest.org/

Soupstock Music and Arts Fest, Shelton (July)  http://www.soupstockfestival.org/

A few Connecticut music festivals will not be returning in 2016.  HartFolk saw its last year in 2015, and Vision and Grit did not return after 2014.  And if you didn’t hear the news yet, Gathering of the Vibes is on hiatus.  Whether you’re a listener or performer, attend as many local music festivals as you can and show your support financially whenever you can.  If you’re a musician, take these opportunities to network and see what’s going on in your music scene.

What festivals do you plan on going to in 2016?  What have I missed?  Leave a comment below!  And please share with your friends.


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