Blue Crane Music Celebrates One Year


Blue Crane Music is celebrating its first anniversary! Watch this video to hear the true-story behind BCM. We are grateful to every artist who we’ve been able to support as a booking agent, manager, publicist and consultant, and I’ve thanked each one of you in this video.

In our first year we’ve accomplished a lot together. Many artists have experienced “firsts” with BCM’s support: first ticketed concert, first festival, first tour, or first sold-out show. We’ve broken artists into new venues and reached new audiences and markets. We’ve guided musicians through their inaugural album launches, brought their name and music to the media and radio stations, and created stand-out promotional materials.

What started in the vibrant music community of Collinsville, CT has grown to serve musicians in all corners of CT as well as Boston, and includes a venue network all over the northeast and as far as Nashville and the South.

I thank everyone on the music scene that has worked with me – mentors, promoters, DJs, media, partners, talent buyers, and workshop attendees. A special thank-you to the venues that continue to bring in live, original music. And to my biggest fan, my dad.

Moving into our second year, Blue Crane Music plans to focus on our management services and grow strongly with the driven, high-level talent we are honored to represent. We’ll seek to expand our team in support of booking and promotion services. We’re all about setting and reaching goals at BCM and we hope to be the place “where your music dreams take flight”.

Watch the video here.

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  1. We had a little laugh when we saw you site.. My husbands name is Blue Crane.. By birth, given to him by his mother… Well its Blue Sky Crane.. We like to see little things around the world with his name.. like at the movies when there are Blue Sky production.. or little things like that.. WE hope your music stays around for years to come!!

    Have a great Life!!

    Blue and Corinne Crane!

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