How to Book Music Festivals


A while back we shared 8 Ways to Get Into Music Festivals.  We’re adding four new ideas for how to book music festivals, giving you a total of 12 tactics. Start preparing for next year’s festival season now!

Pinpoint a person – While a lot of festivals have generic submission forms or email addresses, you’ll have more success if you can make a human connection. Ask around your network, and do some social media and press article digging to see if you can come up with a name. While most posts on Facebook will be from the festival’s pages, sometimes comments will be made as an individual person. Then, start looking for ways to meet and connect with that person.

VIP Invites – Once you know the key players, extend an invitation for them to see you live.  Whether it’s close to home or you’re touring in the festival’s area, a festival is significantly more likely to book an act they’ve seen before.

Tour in the festival’s area – If you’re looking at regional festivals, and aren’t performing there yet, get thee some gigs in that area!

Radio charts – The bigger the festival, the more likely they are to be looking at the radio charts and requesting those acts to play. Time for a radio promo campaign, perhaps?

For more ideas how to book music festivals, read our previous post, 8 Ways to Get Into Music Festivals here. We talked about entering contests, what research you need to do to increase your odds of success, and more.

What has worked for you? Comment below!

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