How to Book Music Festivals


A while back we shared 8 Ways to Get Into Music Festivals.  We’re adding four new ideas for how to book music festivals, giving you a total of 12 tactics. Start preparing for next year’s festival season now!

Pinpoint a person – While a lot of festivals have generic submission forms or email addresses, you’ll have more success if you can make a human connection. Ask around your network, and do some social media and press article digging to see if you can come up with a name. While most posts on Facebook will be from the festival’s pages, sometimes comments will be made as an individual person. Then, start looking for ways to meet and connect with that person.

VIP Invites – Once you know the key players, extend an invitation for them to see you live.  Whether it’s close to home or you’re touring in the festival’s area, a festival is significantly more likely to book an act they’ve seen before.

Tour in the festival’s area – If you’re looking at regional festivals, and aren’t performing there yet, get thee some gigs in that area!

Radio charts – The bigger the festival, the more likely they are to be looking at the radio charts and requesting those acts to play. Time for a radio promo campaign, perhaps?

For more ideas how to book music festivals, read our previous post, 8 Ways to Get Into Music Festivals here. We talked about entering contests, what research you need to do to increase your odds of success, and more.

What has worked for you? Comment below!

How Your Music Can Get Discovered by New Fans

Do you ever wonder how other people discover new music? YOUR music? We did. There are probably precise methods of surveying music listeners to answer that.  But we’re musicians, not scientists. So we did what any modern day Joe would do to answer such a question: ask friends on social media. And here you have it, the unofficial survey results.  While the percentages may not pass a statistical sniff test, it is directionally accurate, and probably confirms some of what you know or suspected. Or maybe sheds new insight. We hope you’ll walk away with at least one new idea of how to get discovered by new fans.

There are MANY ways people find new music.  Of those many ways, the internet takes the top spot.  YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora were mentioned most.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Make sure your channel has your best live recordings, and load up the descriptions with tags. Getting your music onto Spotify via a digital distributor is also pretty easy, but getting discovered by new fans on Spotify is harder. This article offers advice and a free ebook download from CDBabyFor Pandora, if you create an account you can submit your music for consideration here.

Beyond the internet, people found good old-fashioned suggestions from friends and word-of-mouth to be great sources of finding new music. Make a good impression at your shows and create raving fans who will spread the word for you. Be well-rehearsed, critique your own performances, and seek audience feedback. It’ll pay off in free word-of-mouth marketing.  Get onto multi-bills and gig-swap. This gives fans of the other bands a chance to check you out. Play at a wide variety of venues to reach new and different audiences.  Make sure your studio and live recordings are of the highest quality.  If one person absolutely loves what they hear, they’ll share it with friends and on social media.

Also, radio is not dead! Local, college, and internet radio shows want your music, and people still do listen. Well, at the least the people we know still do.  There are even people who discover music on TV and movies, with shows featuring performing musicians or soundtrack music that piques their interest.

A good strategy is to have your music in many places, so that everyone has the chance to discover your music in the way that best suites their style. What’s your experience been? How does your music get discovered by new listeners? What new way do you want to try? Comment below!


Blue Crane Music 2016 Playback

If you’ve ever wondered what we’re up to at Blue Crane Music and who some of our artists are, check out this 2016 Playback video.  We’ve highlighted good times and accomplishments from 2016 with some of the great partners and musicians we’ve worked with.  We can’t thank everyone enough, and we wish all you musicians much success in 2017!

5 Reasons You Need To Attend A Music Conference

I recently attended my first music industry conference.  It was such a valuable experience that I decided to share five reasons every musician needs to attend a music conference.  It pulled together emerging to big name artists, talent buyers, agents, songwriters, radio show hosts, and more.  I went home with not only good memories, but a stack of business cards and excitement for newfound opportunities.  My experience was with IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association), but there are conferences for a variety of genres.  At the end of this article I’ve included several links.

Here are the top 5 benefits musicians can gain from attending a music business conference:

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Blue Crane Music Celebrates One Year


Blue Crane Music is celebrating its first anniversary! Watch this video to hear the true-story behind BCM. We are grateful to every artist who we’ve been able to support as a booking agent, manager, publicist and consultant, and I’ve thanked each one of you in this video. continue reading

April 19, 2016 Legal & Marketing Musicians Lab

I am excited to be co-presenting this workshop on April 19, 6 to 8pm at Performance HUB, Torrington, with Michael Freeman, Attorney, Law Offices of Michael F. Freeman, L.L.C. Read More

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Music Festivals in Connecticut

6 Festivals to Play in 2016

I hit 6 music festivals in Connecticut in 2015, most of which support local and emerging talent.  A couple include regional or national acts.  Of course, there are more than 6 festivals to play in the area.  These are just my observations from attending and assisting in stage management at several of them.  If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, I’ll send you a list of 10 more music festivals in Connecticut.   So make sure you’ve signed up at, keep an eye out for my newsletter, and then start booking your band at more festivals in 2016!

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How to Write a Creative Artist Bio

Having an interesting story about you and your band is no doubt an important part of selling yourself to booking managers and for connecting more deeply with fans.  While I agree with most advice given on Sonicbids, this article by Lauren Gill on 5 Elements of a Unique, Attention-Getting Artist Story comes with a few caveats.  Here is her article plus my pointers and examples for using your unique story in your artist bio. Read More