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8 Ways to Get Into Music Festivals

Festivals are fun to play and offer new listeners the opportunity to discover you. How do you get into music festivals? Breaking in could be easier than you think, if you follow these 8 tips. Read More

House Concerts for Gigs in a New City

This article by Dave Kusek shares a useful tool to break into new markets and cities – house concerts.  You only need one fan in that new city to get your foot in the door.  How do you identify that one fan??? Ask me how!

How One Fan Can Get You a Gig in a New City


The Best Gigs for Your Career

7 Questions to Meet Your Goals

Whether you’re just starting to get serious about gigging, or have been doing it for years, it’s  beneficial to pause and consider why you are gigging.  It sounds strange, but if you don’t have your goals in mind, you might not be booking shows that will be the best for your career.  As you grow, your goals will change and you may need to reassess your strategy.  But early on it may not be immediately apparent what qualities you should look for when scoping out new locations, venues, and dates.  While some musicians simply want a side income (making a guarantee a top priority), you probably have other goals like getting your music heard, growing your fanbase, or promoting your recordings.  When it comes to reaching new listeners and building your audience, not all gigs are created equal.

Here’s what you’ll want to consider to book the best gigs that meets your goals: Read More

Quality Music Alone Won’t Increase Album Sales

Internet Marketing Lessons for Musicians

Too often I find musicians who believe that focusing all their energy on crafting and performing the perfect songs will instantaneously convert listeners into fans, and propel album, merch, and concert ticket sales. In reality, growing a fanbase — one that contributes financially to your career — requires more. You have to make it easy and enticing for listeners to invest in you. One way to help with that is by capturing the power of internet marketing. Read More

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