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Music Festivals in Connecticut

6 Festivals to Play in 2016

I hit 6 music festivals in Connecticut in 2015, most of which support local and emerging talent.  A couple include regional or national acts.  Of course, there are more than 6 festivals to play in the area.  These are just my observations from attending and assisting in stage management at several of them.  If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, I’ll send you a list of 10 more music festivals in Connecticut.   So make sure you’ve signed up at, keep an eye out for my newsletter, and then start booking your band at more festivals in 2016!

Here’s the scoop on the first six. Read More

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8 Ways to Get Into Music Festivals

Festivals are fun to play and offer new listeners the opportunity to discover you. How do you get into music festivals? Breaking in could be easier than you think, if you follow these 8 tips. Read More

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House Concerts for Gigs in a New City

This article by Dave Kusek shares a useful tool to break into new markets and cities – house concerts.  You only need one fan in that new city to get your foot in the door.  How do you identify that one fan??? Ask me how!

How One Fan Can Get You a Gig in a New City


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