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Here are samples of the great testimonials we have received.

Artist Development and Consulting

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Amanda has the unique ability to greatly enable the creative person to do just that: create.

A lot of artists and musicians have issues with time management and financial planning, but those aspects of the business can be just as important as the creative side.

Amanda’s organizational skills, her passion for helping people, and her ability to communicate and break down ideas has helped me grow my own business and brand.

Your business starts with you, but you need a team of people who care enough to face the challenges of growth if you want to take it to the next level, and Amanda is a true asset to your essential creative team.

Wise Old Moon August 21, 2015

Management and Booking

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“Amanda helped us to discover new goals as a band and came up with ideas on how to achieve these goals.  It was really helpful to have an outside perspective on our musical path, someone who was not personally attached to the music.  She is the perfect balance of a manager’s mind and someone who understands music and musicians.  She helped us to define our core audience and align with the perfect venues for our musical success.  She is a positive and intelligent addition to our team.”

HannaH’s Field August 27, 2015

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Amanda has listened, asked good questions and thinks deeply about how best to develop me as an artist.

With her focused attention and intention, Amanda has assisted in expanding the reach with my music, developing new opportunities in venues that are the right fit for my music.

She works hard, makes me think, has me do homework - which really is required for what we are trying to do together, cares about me as a person and an artist not just a musician. She's developing an artist, not just booking a band.

Amanda is intelligent, thoughtful, aggressively pursuing and advancing my career. With a complete understanding of the business we are in. Something that allows me, most appreciatively, to concentrate on the music and deliver that the best I've ever done.

On top of it all, Amanda is a great and good person and who wouldn't want someone like that as a friend and manager.

Bill Benson Singer-songwriter Artist Management and Booking August 21, 2015